Bowling for Doh Doh Birds

It took exactly 5 minutes.

We entered Lucky Strike downtown last night for some food with pins and balls (yes, we totally *did* sing the song from Grease 2 on the way over)… and within 5 minutes my son turned into a Bad Ass.

Photographic Evidence:

Need further proof?

He beat all of us except Jeff (who owns his own ball and shoes) at both games of bowling.

Bryan tried to emulate the coolness to improve his score, but sadly, he came up vastly short.

We even made up cool “bowling aliases” (or would that be aliai?) for ourselves:

Aimee: Finndy (more love for Crowded House)
Danielle: KatKat
Jeff: Guano
Bryan: Blurp

But even with the extra special super secret names, we still sucked ass (except for Jeff) and let a near-5 year old wipe the floor with us.

Good times…. Good Times!

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  1. zenrain

    so glad you had fun!! don’t you love it when the kiddos win!!

  2. Nat

    Too funny.

    My Man always cleans the floor with us at bowling. I reckon it has everything to do with being a child of divorce in the 80s. All his dad did was take them bowling.

  3. Sizzle

    Grease 2 rules.

  4. aimee / greeblemonkey

    I know, I loved the Child of Divorce comment too! But my dad’s thing during visitation (before he died, that is) was the movies. And then he would promptly fall asleep in the theater.

    And Sizzle, TOTALLY.

  5. merrymishaps

    OK, so I suck at bowling, too. But, I think I can challenge Dex. I think I usually at least break 90!

  6. soccer mom in denial

    While I love this one, I think Nat’s comment is the best I’ve read in a while. “Being a child of divorce in the 80s…”

  7. Tree

    Why is Jeff Guano??

    Dex is freaking cool, man! Love the pose. And he rocks at bowling!!! Too fun.

  8. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Because he thinks bat poop is cool??? I have no freaking idea!!! LOL!

  9. Anonymous

    That names kill me! ha ha!

  10. Sarah

    Declan beat you guys? have you no respect for yourselves!? LOL, jk!

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