The lovely Meg Fowler tweeted this yesterday and I can’t stop watching it. I want to marry it. I want to make a blanket out of it to wrap myself up in it and remember forever what this week has felt like. I don’t even care that it blows out the side of my column, that’s how much I love it.

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  1. Megan

    sniff sniff.

  2. San

    Ahh, I LOVE it!!!

  3. Anonymous

    very cool.

  4. daysgoby

    Oh! *grabs a hankie*

  5. Tina

    That is soooo cool.

  6. lupingirl

    That’s really cool.

  7. carrie

    You know what I love best about that?

    The way the dads are smiling at each other in the last shot.

    That really is beautiful Aimee.

  8. Mary Lynn

    Very cool…you and Meg both rock for posting that one.

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