Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer: Popsicle Ship

Trust me, we love Stars Wars. We had to watch the new trailer several times this morning because we were jumping up and down to much to see it the first time. The Force Awakens indeed. Our son will be past PG-13 age when it comes out so he will actually see it in the theater with us. It looks awesome.

But seriously? Popsicle Ship?

Star Wars Tatooine Popsicle Ship

Nonetheless, I have complete faith in JJ Abrams and Bad Robot that it will be awesome.

If you missed the trailer due to your food coma today, here it is in it’s glory:

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  1. Julie Anders

    Hilarious! And the trailer does look awesome!

  2. Ryan

    Ha! I will forever be ruined now and always see her riding a giant Popsicle. But like any kid growing up during the OT, I am giddy for the movie.

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