Changing the Course

Well, the Clonazepam was making me feel dizzy with an overall weird feeling going on in my brain. Since, usually, an overall weird feeling in your brain is generally not a good thing – I stopped taking it Thursday night and felt SO much better Friday. After speaking with my sleep doc Friday afternoon, the new plan of attack is a lower dose of the sleep aide Lunesta coupled with a low dose of another Benzodiazepine named Ativan. Ativan has a shorter half life and less side effects than Clonzaepam. We’ll see, I take my first dose this evening.

If this doesn’t work, we’ve decided I will just go back to Lunesta alone – because in general it gets my night terrors down to more like night murmurs… and I think we can all agree mumbling in my sleep and being jumpy is better than screaming my head off and beating the shit out of my husband.

I am really hopeful about the Ativan though – because Bryan noticed I was much less scared at night on the Clonazepam. I am still worried about the addition factor with Benzodiazepines, especially given the addictive nature of my family… but if I could have a calm night of blissful sleep for once in my life, I would be in heaven. Those of you who get that regularly have no idea how lucky you are.

And after all this research on different types of drugs, I may ask Danielle if she can get me a job at the hospital.

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