Crêpe Girl Releases Single and Announces EP

crêpe girl is the solo project of French-American artist Eliza Grégoire. She has announced Stargazing, her EP set for release on March 22 via Norwegian tastemaker label 777 Music. The announcement comes with the EP’s lead single and video for “DRUG,” a collaboration with rising Chilean / Norwegian producer bob junior (boy pablo, Cuco, Alfie Templeman). The queer love anthem is full of her signature swagger and the understated cool that crêpe girl has been gaining recognition for. Listen to “DRUG” here:

The name crêpe girl originates from the bedroom pop Grégoire began to craft and the crepe stand she ran while she was in college in Denver. “I was making crêpes backstage for Clairo’s band and crew before her show, and Mac [DeMarco] happened to show up at my stand,” Grégoire’s recalls. After that, she ended up joining DeMarco at Red Rocks and making crepes at his show.

Born to French parents living in an Indiana household where only that language was spoken, Grégoire spent much of her youth racing bikes, rock climbing — activities that distracted her from self-reflection and self-expression. Grégoire went to college in Colorado on a bike racing scholarship. It was an apt ambition, given that she grew up among family members who raced cars. But more than anything else, “I wanted to get out of Indiana,” she admits. Grégoire quickly lost interest in bike racing once she arrived at college. It was then that she realized her true passion.

“I had always had the music in me, but I’d never been able to fully express that because I was in such a different mindset,” she reminisces. “I was more like, ‘I need to win and I need to be better. My body needs to be better.’ Then, I was able to first create the crêpe stand, which was actually very much an art and creative project.” With her ability for self-expression finally unleashed, and her crêpe stand flourishing, the multi-tasking master beelined for an even more artistic pursuit: music.

In addition to selling crêpes outside concerts, Grégoire also started slipping out songs on Bandcamp, beginning with “Loverboy” in September 2020. She then put out “I Try,” “You” and “Found” over the ensuing months. She collected those four songs and added one more (“Stick Around”) to make Le Début, her romance-theme debut EP that landed in June 2021. A six-song follow-up EP, Deux, followed in November 2022. The bulk of the tracks featured on it are ones that Grégoire previously posted on SoundCloud.

Grégoire, who is currently enrolled at the prestigious Berklee College of Music online, says releasing songs individually allows her to exhibit her musical dexterity. While she is undeniably a multi-hyphenate, it is crêpe girl’s songs that are satiating the appetites of music fans hungering for delicious, enlivening pop tunes. crêpe girl is currently based in Los Angeles after a four-year stint in Colorado.

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