Do you have an old friend who you don’t see, maybe don’t even email with, for months at a time – and then you see them and it’s just as it was before?

Dana is one of those friends for me.

We started working together at the record store in the mall during high school, and through the years, through college, through relationships, through living here and there, we’ve stayed in touch.

Dana will tell you I didn’t like her very much when I first met her. That may have been true – I was asked to train her on the cash register, and who gets along over such an onerous task? But we got over that soon enough, and even though we attended different high schools, we hung out often, with the mall as our center point – as it is for so many kids. At least as it was back then. You know. In the Dark Ages when we were in high school. THE EIGHTIES.

Dana was always cooler than me, with a cooler set of friends, and I definitely attribute much of my adult musical taste to the early love of indie rock that we discovered together.

Another thing I can thank Dana for?

My marriage.

Not only did she introduce me to Bryan, she talked me into staying with him when he was proving too weird for me.

“He’s a free spirit, Aimee. He’s good for you.”

Her exact words. Nearly 20 years ago.

Fast forward to now, when I live in Colorado, her in Ohio. She is a professor at a university, married to another professor at a university, with three adorable mop-headed children chasing after her.

I was able to see her when our travels home to visit family collided this August, and we finally met her two younger children.

Our kids were strangers.





But not for long.

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  1. Anonymous

    That is so sweet. My friend is named, ironically, Amy. Love this post. – m

  2. Mixtape Jones

    I am fortunate to have a number of friends like this. The people who I have friendships like that with tend to be people who have just become better versions of themselves over the years, and we’ve matured together.

  3. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    D – it is true, I am lucky to have several too. Friends are GOOD!

  4. zenrain

    Oh I love this! I didn’t know you got to see her! I think the fact that I also consider Dana a friend is an indication of the wonderfulness of both of you!

  5. zipper

    Wonderful post, Aimee. And great pics.

  6. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Flicka! That is so cute!

  7. Dana

    Oh, I just love this. You captured my thoughts exactly. I am so glad that we still are and will always be friends!


  8. Sizzle

    It’s wonderful to have friends like that. 🙂

  9. chloebear

    It’s hard to find good people like that.

  10. Kelly

    Yep! I have 2 friends like this.
    1. Flicka -yep. My friend Flicka. 🙂 (her name is Flecicia, but her friends and family call her Flicka)
    2. Danielle. Since 6th grade. 🙂
    Love the pics!

  11. hubs

    A lot of my friends are like that too. I think it’s a testament to our friendship.

  12. Meghan T.

    Aimee, great post!
    I have a couple of friends like this, one being Karen who I am going to see on Thursday and will stay with her until Tuesday! I am headed to Texas for my 20 year reunion!

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