Del Amitri - Denver Concert Photos

Del Amitri at Gothic Theatre Denver

The first time I saw Del Amitri in concert was almost 30 years ago at Washington D.C.’s iconic 9:30 Club (the original one!), and it was also one of my first dates with my now-husband. So, there was obviously lots of memories and love when Del Amitri returned to America for the first time in 25 years and we got to see them in our now hometown of Denver. A bunch of pals joined us, as well as a sold-out crowd – and together we had a night of terrific nostalgia.

Del Amitri - Denver ConcertBut the thing about great bands is they continue to put out great new music. Fatal Mistakes was released in 2021 and it’s just as fantastic as anything they have released in the past. In my opinion, Del Amitri are masterful with lyrics – songs that break your heart yet somehow lift your spirit.

The best part is that craftsmanship translates to an excellent live show too. Lead singer Justin Currie’s voice is just as warm and wistful as I remembered. And you may not think of Del Amitri as a hard rock band, but Iain Harvie would give anyone a run for their money on guitar riffs. You could tell they were just enjoying being up there playing their songs, old and new.

One last side note. As I was looking up things for this post, I came across Wiki’s description for their band name. In 1992, when we saw them in D.C., there was a very long, drawn out story about the “dilemma tree” – this tree near the pub, where they would decide whether to go home or have another drink. Justin said that is where the name came from and we have been repeating that story for NEARLY THIRTY YEARS.

I am sure he won’t even remember that (apparently), but I hope he gets a good chuckle if he ever reads this… that he messed with the minds of two Americans for this long. CHEERS!

Del Amitri continues their tour in the States this spring, then head back to Europe this summer.

Del Amitri – Denver Concert Photos

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Del Amitri – Denver Set List
Gothic Theatre – April 6, 2022

When You Were Young
Musicians and Beer
All Hail Blind Love
Always the Last to Know
Not Where It’s At
Kiss This Thing Goodbye
It Might As Well Be You
Mockingbird, Copy Me Now
Driving With the Brakes On
Move Away Jimmy Blue
Crashing Down
Roll to Me
You Can’t Go Back
Here and Now
Tell Her This
Spit in the Rain
Stone Cold Sober

Nation of Caners
I’m So Scared of Dying
Be My Downfall

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