Depression Spirals

I thought the St. John’s Wort was helping. Maybe it is, but maybe my period is stronger. All I know is I have been really down for the past week.

Yes, I know my father in law just passed away. Yes, I know my husband had to be in Maryland with his family all last week. Yes, I know I got really fatigued with the sleep study and all the travel. Yes, I know I haven’t been eating well and certainly have not been exercising.

I’ve just been bummed.

And it feels like it comes in cycles. Um, monthly cycles.

A friend has been diagnosed with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. Sounds pretty familiar to me. Not that I want to add another ailment to my incredibly-long very hypochondriac-ish list of illnesses, but I think I have documented my battles with my monthly “friend” pretty thoroughly. And my sister told me that when she was on anti-anxiety meds, her period went down to pretty much nil. The same kind of drugs that are the first line of defense against night terrors.

I have expressed my hesitation to take those types of drugs, even though part of me chuckles at that since I am happy to take all other manner of drugs instead. But I am starting to consider it.

As my friend with PMDD said, “I’d love an easy solution. “

I am just not sure there is one.

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