Erykah Badu - Denver Concert Photos - Red Rocks 2022

Erykah Badu at Red Rocks

Sometimes I can’t believe I get to be a concert photographer, and spending a night with Erykah Badu was one of those unbelievable moments. The godmother of neosoul came out, blessed the crowd and promptly made sure we were ready to mind our own business. Erykah herself has a reputation for coming on late, but her show at Red Rocks started only about 30 minutes off the set time. The sold out crowd didn’t mind at all and provided a very large backing chorus for Ms. Badu’s glorious vocals. She shared some of the favorites such as “On & On” and “Appletree,” but still included newer songs too. A fantastic night of beauty, grace, artistry and good times.

Erykah Badu – Denver Concert Photos

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