Expect the Unexpected

One side effect of Bryan cleaning out the garage was having a bunch of shit to get rid of. Some we gave to friends… and some we posted on Freecycle. It’s a web site sort of like eBay and Craig’s List, except everything is free. So we posted that we had a toilet, dog kennel, old speakers, a bed frame… and within a few hours, everything were all claimed. People just came by and carted it all off. Hooray! Extra hoorays since it’s not sitting in a landfill and someone is getting benefit out of it. With virtually no hassle on our end.

For some of the items, Bryan had multiple requests. One of them being the dog kennel. The 4th email to come in was from a domain that was quite obviously, um, domineering. A lady named Mistress Blair. I am not putting the URL up and taint my PG-13 rating… but quite literally, she was looking for a kennel for one of her “puppies.”

Of course, me being my anal retentive self, my first thought was… “I really don’t think anyone could fit there. Bryan, do you think someone could actually fit in there?”

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