Faux Camping

We were doomed from the start. The sky was spitting on us. The campground was pretty much just a parking lot of RVs with a few trees thrown in for grins. We only had 1 package of hot dogs for 6 people. After dark, the spitting turned to downpouring. The kids took a while to settle into sleep. The adults all slept like total crap. In the morning, one of our comrades braved the elements to get Starbucks coffee and wound up with a speeding ticket for her efforts. And to add insult to injury, our morning bacon and eggs turned into a 2-foot grease fire.

All we wanted was to go have a close-to-home mini-camping experience for some weekend fun.

Somehow it still turned out to be fun. Probably because Declan got into the spirit and made up his first driving game on the way to the camp site.* Probably because it was fun to just get away from the house for a night. Probably because we saw a huge rainbow arched over our campsite. Probably because we had tons of S’mores. Probably because it was great to sit down and have time to really catch up with Marcus and Cheryl (Cheryl being the poor soul who was nabbed by the cops.) And, most probably of all because Declan and Vaughn get along great and literally had a blast entertaining each other for the whole camping trip.

Who can look at these smiles and declare a disaster?

* The Driving Game: Tons of fun that lasted the 30 minute drive there, the 30 minute drive back and basically for the rest of this afternoon: Declan decided to call out whatever he saw, but changed the first sound to “schm” – like schmar, schmuck, schmain, schmeering schmeel… you get the idea. Oh, and… don’t forget Schmood Schmight.

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