February Greeblepix Contest Winner!

OK, I loved every single finalist – which is why they were there. But did you SEE this photo in large size? Apparently you did, which is why you voted it the winner.

Congrats to Edward McGowan! Check out the rest of his awesome Flickrstream, it’s really great stuff.

And THANK YOU to the other finalists, your photos made it super tough for Edward, the lead changed about 5 times this month. Again. YOU *ALL* ROCK.

Also, thanks again to the guys who make this contest possible, Pro Photo Rental.

Edward, email me [aimee at greeblemonkey dot com] and we’ll get that $250 camera rental to you.

See you all in March, remember this contest starts the 3rd Monday of the month!

P.S. Happy weekend! What are you all up to?

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  1. Jen

    whoah. awesome.

    And we have soccer and all that normal kid weekend crap. sigh.

  2. isayx3

    Thank so much! The competition was tough. I’m not suprised it was so close!

    The shot was made by dropping something into a cup of coffee (made sure it is not somethign that will break the cup). The rest is just timing.

  3. monstergirlee

    That is a pretty amazing picture.

    Danny’s guitar is ready to pick up at the Luthiers, so we’re going to drive north for that, then swing by REI in Seattle so he can check out the Vibram 5-toed shoes. He saw an article on barefoot running and was rather intrigued by those, that should be interesting.

    Hope you guys enjoy your weekend!

  4. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Kim – NO KIDDING!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    gorgeous – m

  6. Kim Hosey

    Congrats Edward! That shot is phenomenal. Perfect timing, splash shape (I think “splash shape” has a name but I forget), great color and lighting — just awesome.

    You expose us to the best photographers, Aimee. 🙂

    As for me, I’m doing my first for-hire photography gig this weekend, a wedding. I’ve been told to beafraidbeveryafraid a few dozen times. Here’s to hoping all goes well.

  7. Kim Hosey

    Also? What is wrong with today’s Flickr Blog that this isn’t included?

  8. Rachel Carlson

    cheers to edward! GREAT photo. happy weekend.

  9. carrie


  10. meredithwinn

    yes, i love his shot! that is spectacular timing! well done, edward!

    i’m just getting back from Mom 2.0… daydreaming and relaxing after a weekend with brilliance and friends!

  11. Sally

    AWESOME picture!
    I love the droplets everywhere.

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