Flobots Concert Photos

Another great band from Denver, of course, are the Flobots. If you aren’t sure who I mean right away, you know the song “Handlebars” (and its very cool video), although my personal favorite is “White Flag Warrior.

I am lucky enough to call these guys friends, and have photographed them off and on at events before – but never a full show. Until, hurray!, now. Well, earlier in the year, because I am perennially behind… but hopefully the guys will forgive me.

They are playing the Marquis Theater in LoDo for New Years Eve and (as you can see below) they always put on an awesome show, so get tickets now!

Flobots_2013_17 Flobots_2013_29
Flobots_2013_32 Flobots_2013_18

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  1. zipper

    OK, watching for when the Flobots come here now.

  2. Karen

    You always catch these great moments in concert photography. Thanks for sharing!

  3. shovo shake

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  4. janie

    Love the Flobots! Thanks for sharing these. Now I am singing Handlesbars.

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