Foot Update

So, (as those who received photos can attest to) after much bruising this weekend, the foot is settling down. The swelling is almost gone and I am walking much more normally. It’s been aching since last night, though – I keep telling myself it’s a sign of healing. Don’t clue me in if I am delusional.

Also, while at the orthopedic dude, I had him look at my bunions. Up until the Mexico trip, I really wasn’t even aware that I had bunions. The security guard on the beach asked Danielle (in Spanish) if they were part of my accident, and she said (in Spanish, back) that they were my bunions and normal for me. My bunions? If I weren’t so worried about breaking my ankle, I would have dwelled on this development a bit more at the time. But then at urgent care, the attending doc told me, “make sure the ortho guy looks at your bunions.” Jesus Christ, are they that huge? Apparently everyone in the world (except me) knows I have bunions.

As I waited for the ortho guy, I read their pamphlet about bunions and started to freak (again… see: ganglion cyst post) about arthritis, which was listed as a main cause for bunions. I have a recurring fear of arthritis, since my Oma had it… and my friend Jim’s mom had it – and watching either of them try to do anything could break your heart.

Luckily, for now, I do not have arthritis. I have 2 “moderate bunions” according to the specialist. The good thing is, he was clearly unconcerned with them and said he does absolutely nothing to treat them if they aren’t bothering the patient.

Seeing as I didn’t even know I had them – I’d say they weren’t bothering me.

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