Fourth Grade

FourthGrade_1 I know we are all saying this, but where did summer go?

Where did the last nine years go?

My kid started Fourth Grade today.

We had an amazing summer together. Full of fun, laughs, great conversation. I am ready for him to go so I can settle into a schedule.

But DAMN I am going to miss this face every day.

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  1. Christine

    He IS a cutie!

    I am scared to death of having my oldest three away from me for school, for the first time ever. I’m not worried about them, mind you… I just know I will miss them SO stinkin’ much!

  2. Anonymous

    such a cutie! – m

  3. Connie Weiss

    Great picture!

    I hope I’m handling things better by fourth grade!

  4. Slow Panic

    My kids started 3rd and 7th grade last week.

    It just keeps going faster and faster and faster.

  5. Anonymous

    He’s such a great kid !!! I’m so glad we got to see you guys this summer. He’s personality plus! Well no wonder – look at his parents…..

  6. Sloane

    4th grade was one of my all-time favorites!!! I remember learning every state capital (valuable stuff) and had one of the best teachers ever. So exciting!

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