Getting back on the wagon.

I finally went and worked out today.

I hadn’t worked out since we left for Mexico, almost exactly 2 months ago. Yes, I know I had a reasonable excuse in that my ankle was jacked up – but I still feel guilty. And penance for the crime is the extra 5 pounds I am now carrying. I looked at the scale at the gym in disgust – but at least it gave me the willpower to avoid ice cream this afternoon.

Actually, working out felt pretty good though. My foot is a bit achy, but I will ice it and I am hoping that getting moving will finally put all the achyness behind me.

Thank god for Bryan, who goaded me into going. Now I just need him to take a horse whip to me at least 3 night a week till I get back into it.

Luckily my clothes still fit, although I knew I had gained a few pounds because they are snug.

My new goal is to get them loose again by Declan’s birthday (Sept 13th) and be solidly into one size higher than my final goal. And then, by Thanksgiving – hopefully I will hit the goal I set a while back to be 2 sizes smaller. I really and truly have to give myself shitloads of time if I actually expect to hit the goal.

Wish me luck.

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