Goin’ Leprechaun Hunting

Hey, the time has come. We are finally heading to Ireland. For 2 whole weeks! Stopping talking. Starting doing.

While I am gone, I have some FABULOUS guest posts lined up, and I will post a bit from the road. A bit. From my phone. Because we’re not taking a laptop. {GASP!} Do you think I will be OK? I figure the shaking will end about day 3 or so.

Which will help with the driving since the rental company could only provide us a manual transmission. Which we can both manage just fine – here in the States – but ding ding ding! They drive on the left side of the road in Ireland. I will be sure to send you the photos of our car in a ditch as soon as it happens.

I do have to send a MAJOR thank you to Elaine, who is Poe sitting. Of course, she is only doing this to meet MEN at the dog park, but it’s still a nice gesture.

Also, we totally have Declan convinced he will see, and possibly catch, a leprechaun.

We are so evil.

I will be tweeting for sure, so be sure to watch @greeblemonkey. You can just pop into the web page too, if you don’t have a Twitter account. Which begs the question – Why don’t you have a Twitter account?

See you on the flip side, kids.

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  1. Sizzle

    I’m so envious of your travels. I really want to make it to Ireland someday. Have a fantastic time!

  2. monstergirlee

    Yay Yay Yay! Its going to be a blast. And remember, even when you’re having a not-quite-as-fun time, at least you’ll still be in Ireland doing it – LOL!!
    Looking forward to your tweets for sure.
    Have fun!

  3. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    You guys are really scaring me about the driving.

  4. Jenni Jiggety

    Have a WONDERFUL trip!

  5. mayberry

    It feels wrong to say “Bon voyage.” So, uh, have a great trip! L’chaim! I mean, Slainte!

  6. Melissa

    Just remember to drive as slow as you feel comfortable going and that others will signal to you if you are doing something wrong. It may be some choice hand signals, but everyone will live.

    And the manual will take some getting used to – because EVERYTHING in the car is reversed. The turn signal is on the right, wipers on the left, the clutch, brake are on opposite sides. And yes, shifting is the opposite of what you are used to.

    During my wedding, my best friend and her husband decided they didn’t want to drive their rental from the airport and so I hopped in and got a crash course in driving an Aussie stick. FUN! Did I mention to go slow?

    You guys are going to have a blast! Drink lots of Guiness, buy some gorgeous sweaters and take lots of photos. Cannot wait to see them!

  7. Lindy

    Just a word of advice from an American Expat who’s been driving on the left for 5 years. When you turn onto a new road make sure YOU the driver are always on the inside of the road. If you’re like me you’ll tend to drift towards the gutter. I sometimes have to glance at myself in the car and orient myself. Sounds really stupid but when you’re driving and you turn onto a road and there is no other car on that road I guarantee you’ll do it. Also don’t stress to much remember all the signs and signals are set for left handed driving. Same with the car. I totally freaked out before driving because HELLO I’M RIGHT HANDED AND YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT WITH MY LEFT?!?!? Then I died! It wasn’t that bad and I was actually surprised at how easy that was. Have fun and I can’t wait to see the photographs!

  8. keli.h

    safe travels, aimee!! you guys have fun!!

  9. Adam

    Don’t forget that in addition to driving on the left side of the road, they drive on the right side of the car… so you’ll be shifting with your left hand instead of your right. Fun times…. I miss Ireland. 🙁

  10. dawn

    have the best time, aimee. so psyched for you. if declan does catch that leprechaun, remember that they only eat lucky charms! xo

  11. thatgirlblogs

    ouch. quit living my dream. I mean, have fun…

  12. Rhiannon

    Hurray! Have the very best time!

  13. Amber

    I envy you and your trip to Ireland! Except the driving on the wrong side of the road. I have no interest in doing that. Have a fabulous time! Can’t wait to read all about it.

  14. Karen

    Driving in Ireland is a doddle. They’re so laid back there half the time they stop halfway round the turnings to have a chat. Life is so much slower than in England. You’ll be just fine. The signals for wipers/indicators etc. vary from car to car so just play around with the controls.

    Don’t forget that Guinness takes ages to pump through in Ireland as it’s the real stuff.

    Have a great time!

  15. Elaine Ellis

    Your dog is being lovely. Although I have met no men. Perhaps I should be the one chasing Leprechauns?

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