Grab Bag

One of Bryan’s tasks yesterday was to get some nice cheeses to serve as appetizers for our New Year’s Eve feast. He stopped by a little store that is close to our house, and oddly enough, they were closing up shop that day to head out on vacation. They were unloading cheese left and right, and had these “grab bags” with mystery cheeses inside. Bryan took a chance and I am so glad he did. We got a boatload of fancy cheese for $50. We put it all out last night and the eight of us hardly made a dent. I am up to my eyeballs in cheese. No complaining though, because every single one was fabulous and will be a nice treat all week. Except of course, I am supposed to be back on my diet. Oops. I’ll just have nibbles, right?

Also, the owner remembered Bryan and Declan from the last visit (he has a son very close to Declan’s age). I love that!

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