I have said many times I started blogging to jot down my memories, but that it became much more than that for me. The give and take in the blogging community has become a constant in my life that I am not sure I could do without anymore. In fact, as discussions about the failing economy reached a fevered pitch, I wondered how cyberspace would react if we really went all Mad Max and internet ties were broken. (Badly, I’m thinking.) At least for me, things would not be good. I joked that my broadband access would be the very last bill to go, that I would be clicking away at the computer by candlelight if I had to.

Well. Let’s hope it does not come to that.

But the thing I have appreciated most while watching fellow bloggers do their thing, is the sense of collective good karma that people seem to enjoy propogating. It’s a definite shift from my corporate america days of the 90’s. That’s one of the reasons I left the big skyscrapers of downtown to go work for a small cancer center and then eventually start my own business. I enjoy feeling good about my work, having a sense that others have my back, and giving credit where credit is due.

Not to say I won’t stand up for myself. I have also talked before about “The IB” – or Inner Bitch. And while I work hard to keep her shelved, she does have her time and a place. I like spreading the wealth, but I work hard, so I deserve to be recognized too, right?

This is the balance I try to find every day.

Giving back to me, but also giving back to others around me.

And so many of the bloggers I admire seem to cherish those values as well. When I look at a site like the Shutter Sisters, which is all about celebrating women’s photography – not to mention being downright uplifting in every sense of the word – I get goosebumps. And then I look at Kirtsy. (Which, by the way, I took a note from another hero of mine and nominated them for the 2009 Blogger’s Choice Awards, so go vote for them. And Shutter Sisters!) But Kirsty brings together all the things I have been talking about and adds another thing I adore: FUN.

I was in a work meeting yesterday and we were brainstorming about a project, and how we could get people involved. I started talking about the way the blog world does things, how excited people get about cool ideas, and it struck me how different things are now, for me personally *and* professionally.

I am very very very grateful.

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  1. Megan

    lovely post

  2. Gwen

    Hi Aimee-
    I agree with you that the blog-world has opened up a whole new universe for personal and professional relationships. The friendships made and businesses grown with this medium is amazing.

    It’s all about balance, though.
    I think that there is a danger in relying too much on technology for our social connections to other people.

    Just one girl’s opinion…

  3. Sizzle

    I actually think that blogging has helped me at work. I’m able to speak to the power of on line social networking and really bring my agency into the NOW.

    Great post!

  4. Lauren

    Aimee, great post.

    Gwen, the way I took it, it was how blog relationships enhance real life relationships, not overshadowed them. But JHMO.

  5. Kristy - Where's My Damn Answer

    Such truth in one post 😀

    I just recently learned about Kirtsy. It seems that since we’re still fairly new to the blog world, there is a lot to learn each day. I take notes from people like you though – thank you for being you.

    Our original concept of wheresmydamnanswer was to have a place to use our voice to help others. A place where others who are looking for life’s answers could also be heard. I think it’s fascinating to see where this journey is taking us and I too am grateful to the wonderful blogging communities we are starting to be a part of. 😀

  6. J at

    I also like the open and giving spirit of the blogging world. I hear about internet trolls and websites that attract asshats, and I’m glad that I rarely come across these things.

    And to feel that same way about your job? Excellent.

    I think that the ability to feel grateful is a gift. It contributes to joy.

  7. Anonymous

    so totally get what you mean.

  8. carrie

    me too.

    and I’m grateful you’re out there, in the big bad blog world with me!

  9. laurie

    You have the best attitude and really share it in the best way.

    So many connections I’ve made online have spilled over into my real life that I never imagined would, and I’m glad you’re one of them. : )

  10. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Gwen, I totally see your point, and I have also talked in the past about the importance of finding a balance between online and offline relationships. Particularly with Bryan and Declan. So, I totally agree with you on that note. IRL is incredibly important as well.

    But I guess the just of what I was trying to say here was how, with all the corporate greed going on, I feel lucky that I left that kind of world. When I worked in corporate america, everyone looked out for number one. Now, it feels much different. When I left, that was of absolute importance to me: to find a different culture. And I just see that type of give and take culture more among techno-types (granted, its more of the people with whom I hang out with, so I see it more there, I am sure it is elsewhere in other companies as well) – but for example, other tech companies up in Boulder like Techstars are all about nurturing emerging talent. I just never had that in my life 10 years ago. I never could sit in a meeting and talk about techniques of engaging people the way that Shutter Sisters and Kirtsy does. I just find it really fulfilling and exciting.

    And also, thanks to you ALL for your kind words. As ever, you rock.

  11. zipper

    I find that culture shift to be happening at my workplace too. I dig it.

  12. Oh, The Joys

    No, no! You’ve got it backwards again. You are MY hero. You always mix that one up.



  13. Lacy

    wow, came over from Kirtsy. Love this post.

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