Guess who I met over lunch?

A homemade Greeblemonkey mix CD to the 1st commenter who can tell me who that is!



Now that “Anonymous” has revealed the mystery identity… yes, that is Isaac Slade from The Fray! (Anonymous, you can email me privately for your Mix CD prize if you don’t want to reveal your true self online!) And to be clear, we did *not* have lunch with Mr. Slade! We walked into Mimi’s Cafe in Golden (if you don’t have them near you, it’s like bumping into him at Applebee’s) and there he was! Having lunch! At Mimi’s!

I freaked for a while and then finally went up and quickly said hello. He was very friendly, we shook hands, I apologized for interrupting his lunch, he said “Hi, I’m Isaac,” I said, “I know and I am Aimee,” we talked about how wet Red Rocks was, and then I left him to his lunch.

No photos because that would have been *really* stoopid.

Well, I did take a photo of the back of his head but it didn’t come out.

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  1. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Yeah, Pete Doherty and I did a few lines over my chicken pot pie.

    Try again. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    That’s too easy…
    Isaac Slade (born May 26, 1981 in Denver, Colorado) is the lead singer and pianist of alternative rock and piano rock band The Fray.

  3. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Anonymous is right! But I need to know who Anonymous is if they want their CD!

  4. Meghann

    Can I lie and say I’m Anonymous? 😛

    I love The Fray!

  5. diana

    i didn’t know his name but i knew he was from the fray. i love that group. it’s extra special that they’re from the denver area. i would have been excited, too.

  6. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Yes, Maypole, Anonymous has emailed me and told me that very same fact. Apparently I need to be more clever with my online games!!! LOL!!!

  7. Bryan

    I know who he is! I know who he is! I just had lunch with him.

  8. Alpha DogMa

    Is it that Peter Doherty fellow I hear so much about? No…wait…he doesn’t look like a reanimated corpse. Must be someone else…hmm…I’ve no clue.

  9. nutmeg

    You are KILLING me! I swear to you, I was obsessed with them WAY before the whole Grey’s Anatomy thing – when nobody knew who they were. I started the whole clogs craze too, back in the 70’s.

  10. carrie

    I thought it was the lead singer of Coldplay – Chris Martin?

    But that anonymous person sounds like he/she knows their stuff . . . but you know, how can they claim their prize if they’re anonymous?

    So, if you’re feeling generous, I’ll take it! :0)

  11. carrie

    You’re so lucky to have had lunch with that rocker. Now what I want to know is, how did that happen?

  12. Jen M.

    You are WAY cooler than me. What a lunch!

  13. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Oh Meg, me too. I used to listen to Over My Head over and over online before it was released as a single! But I am bummed I did not know of them in time to see them in really small clubs here in Denver before they hit.

  14. Bryan

    no wait! I AM ANONOYMOUSDS!

    if i could spell it. DRAT!

  15. painted maypole

    If I had gotten here first I could have told you, not because I have any idea who he is, but if I pass my mouse over the picture, it names it. 😉

  16. Tree

    So funny that you took a pic of the back of his head – on your iPhone?

    He sounds very nice! And I appreciate that you did not ask for a pic or his autograph.

  17. chloebear

    I’d go see them again any time anywhere – no water required!

  18. Nadine

    It was me, anonymous!

    Haha, just kidding. How cool that you met him!

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