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I am literally posting this from the bar on the beach from my iPhone with Spanish zinging all around me and Caribbean beat flowing through some unseen music system. Basically I had some technical difficulties with Tara, aka @tarable aka Tall Tara’s post, so forgive me if it doesn’t flow as smoothly as we all are used to. Basically, I have one more full day at the beach and I am hurrying here, people. But the love for Tara is strong and true. That girl has a firm handshake and a good heart. So glad she is my friend.

Untitled Guest Post – Or an Ode to Bad Photos
by Tara Anderson
I honestly can’t remember where I first met the one and only Greeblemonkey. It was obviously at some sort of tech/social media/blogging event in Denver, but I do know that she had recently installed Lijit and that I was planning on opening my conversation with a big ‘Thank you’. What I didn’t expect was to meet someone who would become a close friend, mentor and trouble buddy.

Three years later and I still find myself saying ‘Thank you’ to Aimee all the time. For her friendship, her support and her humor.

So when she asked me to write a guest post I was thrilled. And unable to think of anything that would be good fodder for a blog post. For inspiration, I turned to the famous Greeblemonkey Flickr stream to see if I could find something good stored away in there. Boy howdy, did I ever.

I present to you…the top seven worst most questionable pictures that Aimee has ever taken of me…and I’m sharing them because even her photographic skills are no match for the ugly faces I make. So sit back, enjoy, and be thankful that I’m the one that gets roasted with Aimee’s (very expensive) lens time and time again. Let’s start with a classic Tara pose.


That one was easy. With my pointed fingers, it’s obvious that I’m telling Greebs exactly what is up. And in this instance, it was my blood alcohol level.

Another reason I love Greeblemonkey is because she throws the most excellent themed parties that she never forgets to invite me to. Parties where I’m encouraged to wear my pajamas. And drink wine. And dance. Which, of course, leads to pictures like this…

Moment of Rave Zen

This is one where I don’t mind my eyes being closed in the picture. Because it makes me look like I’m hardcore. As if the gnome PJs didn’t already convey that.

I know I already mentioned her parties (sorry for those who don’t live close enough to attend), but seriously? Her parties rock. And I’m not just saying that because sometimes I walk home with a free Nintendo product (Thank you Nintendo!) but also because I put a lot of effort into looking the part. I mean, really?


Fortunately, Aimee doesn’t mind when I beat her at her own Wii games. In her own home. Here we are after a dance-off, which, let’s not forget, I won. And it was totally the headband that powered me to victory.


But seriously, ‘Thank you’ almost doesn’t cover it with Greeblemonkey. I feel like I need to write her an IOU that explicitly states that I owe her my first-born. Why? Oh because when Aimee came to my wedding reception, camera in hand, and was told that my photographer had flaked, she stepped right up to become our official wedding reception photographer. No joke. That’s what kind of friend she is.


Aimee is also the kind of friend that even when I end up looking awful in the picture, she’s able to put her post-editing skills to work and make me somehow look not AS awful. Case in point, another picture from my wedding reception…


So, while Aimee is gone, enjoying some family time in Puerto Rico, I just wanted to give a shout-out to her virtual family. Whether you read this blog because you know Aimee, or because you want to win something, you can’t help but love her. Even when she goes and posts something like this to her Flickr account…


I’m sure that large, almost-empty Rio margarita had nothing to do with the staging of this shot.

You’re welcome Greeblemonkey. Hope you’re having fun in the sun and drinking a pina colada for your dear guest posters!


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  1. zipper

    these guest posts have been a riot!

  2. Tarable

    My evil plan worked out perfectly.

  3. monstergirlee

    I too have mucho affection for Aimee – she is an awesome gal, wished I lived closer to the Mile High City.
    Funny post – thanks for taking the time!

  4. monstergirlee

    btw – these are not bad photos of you.

  5. eg lover

    Thank you

  6. Anonymous

    those where googd photos
    vist my blog

  7. Anonymous


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