GUEST POST: This Is The End of Publishing

I met Shelly Kramer when we were both speakers at a Chicks Who Click event and have been fast friends ever since. A total powerhouse, she owns her own firm and works with clients all over the world, providing marketing, advertising and PR services. She is especially known for her expertise when it comes to integrating social and other online tactics into traditional marketing efforts – proving she is clearly WAYYYYYY smarter than me.


This Is The End of Publishing
by Shelly Kramer of V3 Integrated Marketing

From the moment I found this video, I was transfixed. And every time I watch it, I fall in love with it all over again. It’s inspiring beyond words and, in my view, totally and completely accurate. This fantastic piece was originally produced by The Khaki Group for Dorling Kindersley Books, a UK bookseller and part of Penguin Group USA. Intended for use at an internal sales conference, the video was such a hit that it made its way out of the company is a viral phenomenon with some 478,000+ YouTube views and growing.

But, to me, the video was more than just a killer piece of video production with a terrific message. It spoke to the world in general and, specifically, many of my clients and prospective clients. Here’s why. I deal with small business owners on a daily basis, and most of them are struggling to get their heads around the changing paradigm that exists in the world of marketing, especially as it relates to the importance of integrating social strategies into their marketing efforts.

If you’re reading this blog, you are clearly on the forefront of this paradigm shift and it’s no news flash that the online world is where it’s at. But, for many this is difficult to absorb. They have trouble seeing the myriad of opportunities that exist and all to easily are overwhelmed by the thought of learning a new skill set, or changing the way they’ve always done things, or adapting their marketing tactics to include this new frontier, so that they and their businesses can continue to flourish and grow.

Do you see why I say that this video speaks not only solely to the publishing industry but to the world in general? There’s an audience out there who is savvy, opinionated, educated, comfortable with technology in all shapes and forms and moved by things that matter. If you have a message that speaks to them, they want to share it. If you have a product that they like, they want to use it. And they want to tell their friends about it. They care about the Earth. They care about the world and what╒’s going on. They care about doing good things. They care about what matters. They want to speak. And they want to be heard. And it’s not all that hard to engage with them. In fact, it╒s not hard at all.

Reaching them should be your goal. Listening to them should be your goal. Engaging with them should be your goal. What are you doing about that? What tactics are you using?

I’d love to know.

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  1. Mixtape Jones

    It’s interesting…I really believe in this, and I believe it’s true, but in my business (I’m an independent musician) it’s hard not to get cynical. More than anything, creativity in terms of the way you present in this new marketplace seems to be key…I wish I could come up with a video that cool to promote my band!

    Thanks for the post.

  2. Shelly Kramer

    Hey there,

    Thanks for the read.

    Presentation is always key. Whether you’re writing a letter, cooking a meal or getting dressed. And the cool thing about the technology-filled world that we live in is that the sky is, quite literally, the limit!

    Let me know when you produce that video 🙂


  3. Sally G.

    Hi Shelly. I haven’t seen this video before, but I have seen one that used the exact same technique … which got me to reading the text backwards part-way through the dialogue. And there-in lies the message, I think.

    When we assume we know everything about our customers – when we believe that we’re positioned behind their eyes and already know how they think, how they’ll respond, what they’ll ask for … we get lost in our filters and no longer see what’s right there before us.

    I spent so much time trying to read the text scrolling down in the opposite direction — I missed both messages. And yet, I was engaged.

    So, for me – when I’m with others, I do my utmost to be present. I don’t let my thoughts muffle their words, I don’t let my eyes wander around to all I may be missing, I don’t multi-task as I read blog posts or comments … I give my full attention to the best of my ability.

    Have you seen the video where a group of teens are tossing a basketball around and the viewer is tasked to count how many times the white team passes the ball to each other throughout the clip?

    I’ll say no more in case you haven’t (it was featured on TED awhile ago) – but the gyst of the message was the same. When your attention is focussed on seeking out something specific, it’s amazing what you actually miss.

    Great post! (Here’s the clip I was referring to

  4. Brian Bedell

    I like this post. Very cool and well written. I would like to do some posts like this on my websites as well as get feedback from everyone on how I can improve. My websites can be found at An Alternate Truth and Friendly Herb Gardening Help if you want to check them out.


  5. shopTOism

    What a fab video! Thank you for sharing your find with us.

    I was absolutely transfixed as it played backwards and made perfect sense.

    Thank you!

    David Pylyp
    Living in Toronto

  6. Jack

    why cant’ it be the start

  7. Shelly Kramer

    Thanks David. Transfixed is exactly how I felt, too. And what a terrific message, as well. Thanks for the read – appreciate you stopping by 🙂

    Sally, I can’t wait to see the TED video you describe. I could sit in front of my computer and watch TED videos to infinity and beyond – I love it so.

    Thanks, Brian. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Having guest bloggers participate on your blog is always a good strategy, as is reaching out to others to participate in like manner. Now go do it!!

    Jack, it is the start. Which is what makes it so exciting. A chance to engage yet another generation. Thanks so much for the read 🙂

    And thanks to all of you for your comments.

    Shelly Kramer

  8. cjschlottman

    Shelly, I found you on Blogs of Note. I’m in the USA and my career is nursing – far from publishing and promotion – but I fell in love with video. I’m 62, and I see it as a message to every caring human on this planet of any age or nationality. Thanks.

  9. Incognito

    Actually, I feel publishing is very tricky and a lot depends on what is being published. Something that might be interesting to the publisher may or may not be intersting for the reader.. It depends upon the perspective.

  10. Shelly Kramer

    Hello Fellow Aries Woman, CJ,

    It touched my heart too, and it really had nothing to do with publishing. So happy to hear you liked it, too.

    Thanks Incogito, for your comment, but the piece I wrote actually had little at all to do with publishing and everything to do with the world in general. And change. And how even though change can be scary, it’s often necessary. And, like anything else, the world of publishing can be tricky. But that wasn’t really what I was writing about.

    Thanks to both of you for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts!

    That’s what it’s all about – engagement 🙂


  11. Nap Warden

    Loved this! I hate to admit I’m a lurker, but had to pop in and say that was inspiring:)

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