Happy Birthday to Uncle Bill & Jeff!

Yes, yet again – two people I adore share a birthday.

This time, the celebratory wishes go out to, first, Uncle Bill! Bill is a smart, generous – and if you aren’t careful – he’ll catch you with his wicked sense of humor. We eventually had to agree to disagree on political topics, mainly because he is so convincing and knows his shit – he almost had me coming over to the dark side.

And then there is Jeff, who we have been friends with for over 10 years now. Jeff is thoughtful and his thoughtfulness is aided by his photographic memory. (I often lean on him to remind me about my past). Jeff is also a “sleeper comedian” – one those type of guys who come up with the funniest shit out of nowhere. Especially when beers are involved. We love Jeff (and Danielle) so much that they are Declan’s guardians if anything ever happens to us. In fact, they are more than friends, they are family.

So, happy birthday to two wonderful family members… Uncle Bill and Jeff!

We head out this evening to celebrate Jeff’s special day at the Cheesecake Factory – and we’ll be sure to raise a glass to Uncle Bill too.

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