Happy Halloween!

You know I will have a million photos of the kid to come, but work was totally fun today too. We had a potluck and costume contest, and about 1/2 the office participated. With good humor and good imaginations, I might add.









Check out the whole gaggle of photos here in this Flickr set.

And be careful out there tonight!

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  1. leaca

    LOL. I am loving this post. I like the candy corn costume. Very cute. Made in Alaska is great too, you know I am partial. =)

  2. leaca

    P.S. I forgot to comment on your costume…you hot little mama! =)

  3. nutmeg

    Um. I think your dress might be a little low for work.

  4. Hip Mom's Guide

    Wow, “Bristol” takes the cake! But, of course, you look lovely as well.

  5. Magpie

    Wow – your office is cooler than mine is!

  6. monstergirlee

    OH I wish we got to dress up. Great costumes!

  7. emma

    Nice costumes.
    You’ve done a good job being apolitical in your blog but…

  8. Richard Shaffer

    Where are all the people in their pajamas?? (smile)

  9. lifesignatures

    I want to work where you work.

  10. Mrs. Flinger

    I could SO TOTALLY WORK with y’all!

    Please? LOL

  11. chad

    Love the mummy costume – that’s extensive work on the wrapping and, I think, better than me trying to wrap a present!

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