He has a future at Jamba Juice.

Declan: “Daddy! Mama and I just made smoothies!”

Bryan: “Really?! What is in ’em?”

Declan: “Oranges, Strawberry Yogurt, Ice and Milk.”

Bryan: “Cool! What do you call it? You should come up with some fun, funky name.”

Declan: “Orange Strawberry Yogurt Ice Smoothie”

Bryan: {Pause} “Well. That’s descriptive. And looong.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Ha! That’s the kind of name I would think of.

  2. Anonymous

    He could abbreviate it as: “OSHIM”

  3. TxGambit

    Tooo cute!

    I love Dex stories!!!! He and L would have a blast. Actually I should hook you up with my bro and SIL. Dex and my nephew sound a lot alike!

  4. aimee / greeblemonkey

    I know, Dex is a hoot. Bryan and I just look at each other and laugh all the freaking time!

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