Holiday Photo Cards : Let’s Rock Them Together!

Are you looking to do something unique this holiday? Are you always scratching your head, wondering what to put in your Christmas photo cards? Is Oma sick of seeing the same Hanukkah image over and over again? Are you single and you really *want* to do holiday photo cards, but you feel silly? Do you celebrate nothing, but enjoy sending and receiving SOMETHING at the end of every year, just to keep in touch with family and friends?

Are you busy, have kids who won’t smile, a crappy camera, no idea how to make the photos you took look better and the idea of uploading what you did to the computer sounds about as fun as getting in a river full of alligators?

Yeah. I know. It’s OK. I used to be you, and sometimes, I still AM you.

Even professional photographers get overwhelmed trying to take photographs for the holidays. In fact, there have been years I have skipped it entirely.


THIS YEAR, I am teaching an online photo workshop to address all that craziness I mentioned above. THIS YEAR, I will be HERE, going over the topics below to make life easier and get GREAT holiday photos. No matter your background, no matter your camera.

Part One: The Photoshoot
This will be the biggest part of the class – because let’s face it. Getting the perfect photo is the hardest part. Tons of tips about lighting, posing, camera settings, props… the works.

Part Two: Designing
There are lots of free photo editing options, and with a few quick and easy tricks, you really CAN make your photos look better. And then, you could design your own card, or find a template you like. Up to you!

Part Three: Printing & Ordering
This will cover uploading your card and figuring out what options work for you.

This class will be:

  • Online
  • Simple
  • Self-Paced
  • Collaborative
  • Open-minded
  • FUN

What are you waiting for?



I am VERY excited to announce that Epiphanie Bags is sponsoring the class – which means you will have access to REALLY COOL STUFF. Have you SEEN one of their camera bags???


P.S. NOT KIDDING about the really coolness.

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  1. Anonymous

    Love this idea Aimee – congrats! – m

  2. chloebear

    love the class and love those bags!
    count me in!

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