3 Things We Love About Legoland California

This past summer, we were in San Diego for the big BlogHer conference and managed to take some fun side trips as well. One of our favorites was Legoland. We’d been there once before, when Declan was about 3 years old – and loved how the park was so nice for the younger set. A much more mellow time, with lots of interactive fun – Declan LOVED it.

So, I wondered how he would dig it this trip – coming back at age 8?

Turns out there were whole sections of Legoland that we didn’t explore last time, plus a new water park, which made him really, really, really happy.

So! Here are our three must-do things in Legoland California:

1. The Legoland Water Park

We saved this till the end of the day, but we probably could have spent the WHOLE day there. You may have seen bits of our adventures during the second half of my “End of Summer” video, but our very favorite part was the lazy river – where you build with large Legos. In the river!


I didn’t get many pics of us actually building with the huge Legos – because, well, we were actually building.

But seriously – be sure to save time for the water park when visiting.


2. Star Wars Area in Miniland

Last time we visited, Declan couldn’t give a fig about the skyline of New York City built out of Legos. But now? We spent a really long time looking at all the Masterbuilder creations, and particularly the new Star Wars area. Declan about lost his mind when he found Ewoks hidden in the trees.


Legoland_09 Legoland_07 Legoland_08

3. Volvo Driving School

But BY FAR – Declan’s very favorite experience of the whole day was taking his driving test, passing and getting his driver’s license at the Legoland Driving School. We liked how they taught driving safety while we waited in line, and the point of the “ride” was to follow traffic law. (We’re nerdy like that.) Declan liked that he got to drive a Lego car.

Of course, he took is VERY seriously.




Legoland_05You’d think by his expression he didn’t have any fun. But he was REALLY concentrating. And he wore his driver’s license around his next for the next three weeks straight.

I finally had to force him to take it off, but he still tells people he has a license to drive a car.

So yes.

Legoland at 8 years old was just as fun as when he was three.


Blogger disclaimer: Tickets to Legoland California were provided for us
but all words and thoughts are mine.

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  1. Stimey

    You have no idea how much I want to take my kids to Legoland. I think they would LOSE THEIR MINDS. So cool to see these pictures.

  2. Everyfann

    He is SO cute with his license!!!

  3. Mandy

    Son fun, thanks!

  4. sue at nobaddays

    We just got Tau family annual passes for his birthday — he had to forfeit a birthday party (it was either/or — mucho $s for annual passes x 3) but the first time we went (two weeks ago) was all kinds of awesome and I think he knows going there lots of times this year will be WAY better than any party!

  5. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    What a GREAT idea Sue!

  6. Melanie

    The Kid wants us to go there next year. Thanks for the sneak peak!

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