I am frightened for the youth of America…

Scene: At the mall, in line for lunch at the food court. Three tween/teen-ish kids are horseing around obnoxiously.

Girl 1: (Insert Valley Girl voice – which I find amusing since we are over 1,000 miles away from the actual Valley), “Hey!!! I wonder what time it is!!!”

Boy: “Time for you to get a watch!” (guffaw, guffaw, and pushes her in that “I beat you to show you I love you” kind of way).

Girl 2: (turning to me), “Hey lady, what time is it?”

Aimee: “20 till 1:00.”

Girl 2: (turning to her friends), “20 till 1:00? What does that mean?”

Boy: (rolling his eyes), “It means 12:40.”

Girl 2: “It does? I have never heard of that! That’s soooo funny!!!”

Just then, more giggly, obnoxious friends ran up to them.

Girl 2: (To the newcomers), “Hey! Have you ever heard of ’20 till 1:00?’ I have never heard of that! He says it means 12:40 o’clock! Isn’t that funny???”


I shit you not.

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