I am officially a stalker in multiple decades.

Aimee: “Hi, may I have an autograph?”

Glen Phillips: “Sure. Nice to meet you.” (extends hand for a shake.)

Aimee: “Actually, we have met before. 15 years ago in Florida when I was in college.”

Glen Phillips: “Wow. What’s your name?”

Aimee: “A i m e e.”

Aimee: “And I know it sounds silly to say… but ‘She Cried’ is one of my all-time favorite songs.”

Glen Phillips: “Well, thank you very much.” [insert patented humble Glen Phillips head bob.]

Later, when Glen was chatting it up with the crowd, he made a comment about how great it was to have old friends in the crowd tonight. I elbowed Bryan repeatedly and gave him a huge smile. ‘Cause you know he was totally talking about ME.

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  1. TxGambit

    SOOOOO glad you had a GREAT time!!!!!!

    And, I know he was totally talking about you!

  2. greeblemonkey

    But of course! 😉

  3. caroline

    i remember all this from back then

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