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Games We Play & House Parties at Meow Wolf Denver

If you have never seen a concert at Meow Wolf in Denver, I suggest you fix that as soon as possible. Technically, shows happen inside the Perplexiplex, and Meow World Denver is called Convergence Station – because Meow Wolf likes nothing better than to confound us. But the room is a great place to see your fave bands – especially ones that really make the room shake along with all the funky graphics flying around the room.

Such as the case when Games We Play (Emmyn Calleiro) who, along with opening band House Parties, got all of us jumping in Denver. I had never seen either band and I will definitely look forward to the next time they visit. Gotta love bands who truly enjoy what they are doing and sound great doing it.

Games We Play was supporting his new album Life’s Going Great, which sees Emmyn confront the emotional whiplash of his early 20s. In less than two short years he went viral, signed to his dream record label, found a mentor in Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, and toured the world supporting his idols (YUNGBLUD, Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, The Band CAMINO). Simultaneously his personal life came crashing down – he went through a major breakup, left Los Angeles and returned home to Nashville to live with his parents, and struggled with self-image. These highs and lows formed the basis of Life’s Going Great.

Emmyn showed a lot of that sense of humor on stage, but also humility that people really were enjoying the performance. It was clear that he was grateful for all of it, another aspect I love seeing in live shows.

Next up  for Games We Play is the Let’s Go Festival in my hometown of Annapolis, Maryland – so I hope my pals there can catch this dynamic performer!

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House Parties – Denver Concert Photos

Games We Play – Denver Concert Photos

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