I’m Enthused.

I think I am gonna dig being a Wii Fit Enthusiast. Because, while we already had a Wii and Wii Fit (thus the extra Wii and Wit Fit Nintendo had laying around to give to you all, which by the way, you only have till tomorrow at noon to keep commenting, AND may I say you all have been really awesome at sticking to the rules because I have only had to delete like 20 comments, so thank you for making this all so much easier on me – because really, that’s what’s all about, right?), the party at my house was WAY. WAY. FUN.

Speaking of making it easier, four magic fairies from Nintendo showed up at my house last night and made a bunch of food, smoothies, sangria, and cookies (OK, they bought the cookies, what evs), then set up 3 giant Wii Fits in my basement for us to completely fall all over enjoy. These magic fairies proceeded to take care of everything and host a party in my house so I had to do absolutely nothing except just hang out with my friends. I have to admit it was a little weird at first, but from now on I am thinking it’s really the way to go. I may have to convince Nintendo that *every* party I throw from now on is a Wii Fit party. Easter? We can hide Easter eggs underneath Wii Fit boards. Fourth of July? Sparklers would be so attractive against the clean white modern lines of those Wii Fit boards. And the mack daddy – Declan’s birthday – I totally know I can convince a bunch of 7 year old boys to do yoga and sip smoothies with me. Word.

All the photos are here on Flickr, but below are some of my favorite moments:

When Tara showed up looking like, well, Tara.

When Amy made her Mii cry while trying to hula hoop.


When Denise (who is taller than me if that is possible) nearly punched a hole in the ceiling doing Tree Pose. (Yes, I totally had to walk down the hall and ask a co-worker what the name of that was cause I suck at yoga). And, oh yeah, pssssst! We ganged up and forced Denise on to Twitter last night. Show her some love.

Watching Kary get pissed at boxing punching bag that kicked all of our asses. But… Kary pissed is still… well, adorable.

When Tara and I had a Dance-Off, Zoolander style, and she whooped me. Which by the way, if any of you have not seen Zoolander, stop what you are doing right this very minute and go rent it. Now. This minute. Go.

And OH YEAH!!! All the folks attending the party got a free Wii Fit! Woot for them! Thanks Nintendo!

AND! This whole awesome parting gifts for the guests thing would be another added benefit to all my Easter, 4th of July and 7 Year Old Birthday parties.

Just sayin.

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  1. Megan

    looks like so much fun!!!

  2. Meghann

    I need to move to Denver just so I can come to your parties.

  3. zipper


  4. Anna

    I am so cracking up at that first picture!!! ha ha ha!

  5. laurie

    Why do I not live in Denver again? Seriously…your description of the good “aura” of your life in a recent post was so, so on. In the least hokey sense of the term possible, you manage to inspire this burnt-out DC burbs dweller, lady.

  6. chloebear

    I had such a great time last night! Those elves sure know how to throw a great party. If I do Wii daily will I look like them?

  7. Amy aka Fruitlady

    Oh. My. Gawd. I. Had. So. Much. Fun!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! A million thank yous to the Greeblemonkey Master and the Wii Fit Elves!

  8. amy

    That looks like so much fun! You can make your mii cry? Not that I’d want to, but I had no idea they had such a range of emotions! Do the Wii fairies come with the Wii Fit? It sounds like it was an awesome time. Also, I totally loved the sweatband.

  9. Kelly

    OMG! So, if I win the Wii Fit, will I get to have Nintendo fairies come to MY house?! Cause if that’s so….I need to comment again on why I should win.
    Seriously looks like fun, and makes me want one MORE!!

  10. Naomi

    jealousy is bad, right?

  11. EatPlayLove

    thanks for having me, I truly had a blast embracing my lack of balance! And boy did I cave quickly on the twitter front.

  12. Kary Rivera

    Thank you so much Greeblemonkey and Nintendo! The Wii Fit party was bomb! Thanks for putting it all together and for the wii fit/gear.

  13. Tree

    That sangria looks awesome. Strangely, I was craving some the past few evenings. It looks like a blast!


    wow, that’s so awesome! umm, i may have missed this since i’m a new reader, but how the heck did you pull this off? who do i need to know/call/pay at nintendo for love like this? 🙂

  15. Jen

    I had no idea you could make your Mii cry…

    and there is a Dance Off on Wii Fit or is it another game???

  16. mothergoosemouse

    I’m still tweaked that you got to invite all these ladies to YOUR party. Dang it.

  17. Oz

    Oh, that looks like so much fun! I’m so sorry I missed it. Bummer.

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