In Polar Opposition of Days

You may have seen me tweeting about the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day we all had yesterday. It was so bad that Declan wrote several poems over dinner. Poems = BAD DAY, people. I am sincerely glad that he is learning to express his feelings in creative ways (yes, there were severals drawings to accompany the several poems too) – because there is NO WAY my son will ever grow up to be an emotionally repressed man.

“Horrible Day”
Oh today was a
Horrible day
Horrible day
Horrible day
Oh flies in my ears
Being called a jerk
Being yelled at
Even though I only did
One thing right
I handled it all

Just when the whole family was wallowing in our despair, an email came in from the east coast.

See, my nephew is almost 5 and adorable beyond words. Here is HIS story. HIS words and drawings about HIS day. And OK, maybe it’s a little crackly cause it was pulled off cellphone recordings, HIS voice made OUR day MUCH MUCH better.

Turtle & The Hare Race

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  1. Heather

    So glad he can express his feelings through writing and pictures.

    And the storytelling of your nephew…adorable. It made me smile wide.

  2. Dana

    What smart kids. How did they get to be so smart?!?

  3. Naomi Mimi

    i agree with declan. he’s spot on about horrid days.

  4. Jennifer

    Wow, so sweet! TFS! Hope today was better.

  5. Anonymous

    What a nice way to end the day. -m

  6. Melissa

    Kids have such a great look on life. Sending good vibes your way…

  7. dawn

    but did he walk?
    so crazycute…. if that doesn’t make a crap day better, i don’t know what will. xo

  8. Tree

    Declan is amazing. Ridgely is totally cute.

  9. Megan

    That is just about ADORABLE!!!

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