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Interview with Denver Newcomers MZG

Before the holidays, I was able to chat with twin brothers, Zach and Charles Weinert. These guys spent many years working on separate musical projects, but in 2014, they joined forces to create MZG. Recently relocated to Colorado, the brothers have wasted no time in making a mark, performing with respected state staples EOTO and members of Pretty Lights, as well as Barclay Crenshaw.

Interview with MZG

Interview With MZG

So, tell me about the band.

At first, it was a bit of a random brainchild. We had been doing our own music solo for years, with different styles of music. But we finally combined forces into a DJ act with EDM and heavy bass music. It was pretty inevitable that we would work together.

And I love your name.

Yes! It’s shorthand for the scientific term for identical twins (“monozygotic”) – when one egg splits into two. How could we not?

How do you think being twins affects the band?

Well, obviously we have a natural chemistry that affects us in a good way – we share the same ideas. We just get each other. We live together and that really benefits the band in terms of timing and the work. Sure, we have the family personal level stuff, but we don’t let any emotions get in the way of the work. When we are performing, everything else gets left at home.

And welcome to Colorado! What made you decide to move here?

We came from Florida and being anywhere for 15 years, you can kind of get stuck. We were contacted by our (now) manager and trying to decide our next move. We had looked at other cities, but they convinced us to move here because of the great EDM scene – and we had plenty of contacts in the area. Denver is treating us really well. People here love to go out to shows; it’s amazing.

I saw that you were from Jacksonville. I went to college in St. Augustine.

Yeah? We were really close then. We had gained such a great group of supporters there, it was hard to leave.

Have you found any Denver acts you like?

There is such a huge group of bands here from all kinds of musical backgrounds. We have been lucky to already have collaborations with several – like Kyral X Banko. Have been enjoying making music with everyone here.

I have to admit, I don’t see as many EDM shows as rock and indie, but I do enjoy the vibe when I do. What is special about it for you?

There’s just this great culture about EDM. We like how everyone sticks together. And then there’s the combination of lights and sounds that you don’t get from only guitars. There’s a dynamic that builds and drops and pulses from the whole environment. Also, it’s a weird challenge to entertain with your whole performance – reading the crowd and building the show. You almost have to have a sixth sense to understand how everyone is feeling. Like a chess game, preparing your next move.

Highlights of your musical career so far?

Returning to Suwannee Music Park in Florida for Hulaween was a very large and fun show – so that was definitely a huge deal for us. It showed how much our hard work has paid off … and going home for that was special. We are also getting a lot of opportunities here in Colorado that we are excited about.

And – plans for 2019?

We are opening for HeRobust at the Ogden on February 1st! And then a new EP is in the works for spring.

I look forward to seeing more from MZG as they explore Denver!

Interview with MZG

Photos provided by MZG.

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