Is HE the ALIEN in this scenario?

And clearly we need to work on his spelling a bit more. But those damn alien babies are so hard to teach.

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  1. Rachel

    So cute.
    Well, really let’s think about this. They really do look a bit “alin”ish when they’re born and especially in the womb 🙂
    Love his interpretation!! Kids really are somewhat alien to us, aren’t they?

  2. Sarah Jackson

    Are you kidding? Enjoy the spelling while it lasts. Our favorite books are the ones our oldest made in school – we pull them out and all roll on the floor at her spelling mistakes. We’re good loving parents, can’t you tell?

  3. Angella


    Thanks for the morning smile 🙂

  4. zipper

    What I want to know is how you and Bryan produced an alien. HMMMM?

  5. villanovababy

    Hahahaha… that is too cute. It looks like he’s wearing one of those googly glitter ball head bands.

  6. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Clearly I need some rogaine.

  7. zenrain

    i love it! and yes, enjoy the early spelling while it lasts!

  8. Anonymous

    I love the alien radioactive waves connecting him to you.

  9. Builder Mama

    Hey, at least he’s drawing something other than what we get in the backpack on a daily basis…these very complicated drawings of football games where all the players look like versions of Pac Man. Complete with a 30-minute dissertation of the strategy behind the game. Sigh.

  10. Alpha DogMa

    Wow. That’s a serious part in your hair, Aimee.

  11. Shannon

    At least the spelling’s good enough to understand what he’s saying. I’m impressed by the stick people. My kindergartner draws heads with arms and legs sprouting out of them. No bodies, unless it’s a cat or a horse.

  12. Mayberry

    … and thank you for the When Harry Met Sally reference.

    Almost as good as the most excellent artwork!

  13. Mamma

    Yeah, that reverse mowhawk rocks!!

  14. A Mom Two Boys

    Your hair’s so purdy.

  15. Jen

    That is great! So funny.

  16. James

    Bryan looking Crispin Glover-ish as usual.

    Alin Babby=awesome nom de plume

  17. Anonymous

    I love the alien way of holding hands.

  18. Stacey

    My favorite part is how he drew the lines like schoolwork.

  19. Doodaddy

    Bryan’s lookin’ good!

  20. Doodaddy

    Um, that *is* Bryan, right? Not alien Elvis, your alien secret alien lover?


  21. Loralee Choate

    So, does this make you the mother ship???


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