It’s a Win-Win, really.

I think I have mentioned the shock and awe we felt when we looked at Declan’s school calendar, right? Or more precisely, “Holy SHIT, school is closed a SHITLOAD of days.” We began to understand why parents the world over are constantly scrambling to have their vacations during Spring Break.

This is especially annoying since we pay a fairly reasonable amount to send him there, even though it is public school. Have I mentioned all the fricking school supplies I had to send along too?


Included in this free-for-all is two and half weeks off at Christmas and New Years. And as my son was whining about missing his Oma, I had a brainstorm. Let’s fly my mom out for one of those weeks and she can stay with Declan while we work!!! You know, take advantage of those free grandparent babysitting credits that everyone is always gushing about!?!?

Better yet, I called up my credit card company and discovered I hit the travel reward level last month. Hot damn. We’re in business, people.

AND she is coming over New Years Eve – so you know what that means? We’re gonna party like it’s 199…er, um, 2006.

I am already working on Aunt Heidi for some summer vacation action.

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