It’s all Jeff’s fault.

We went up to Boulder today in search of these crazy Australian boots that Bryan likes. Jeff came along to give Danielle some solo sleepy-time since she is on graveyard shifts at the hospital right now. (Sidenote: Bryan has formulated an elaborate plan where she should trade graveyards with pharmacists in Hawaii because the jet lag would offset the time change. He has even had charts drawn up with formulas to prove his hypothesis. I think he just wants to get some travel out of Danielle’s misery.)

Anyway, Jeff loves college football and if you are unelightened like I was, #1 Ohio State played #2 Michigan today and they also happen to have a serious 100-year old rivalry between the two schools. So, we searched out a sports bar for lunch to watch the game. We knew we hit the right place when we walked in to see a sea of red shirts with Buckeye necklaces on. Jeff grew up in Ohio, so he had a definite bias. Declan, never being one to go mainstream, decided he would root for the team with the “M.” Or maybe he remembered his cousins live in Michigan. Not sure. I felt the pull for Ohio, not only because of Jeff’s allegiance, but because my oldest friend Dana is a professor there.

We watched the 1st part of the game and had a blast as the bar roared, cheering the game. I suprised myself by actually getting into it. Must have been caught up in the atmosphere or something.

We headed home so Declan could nap and Jeff could catch the end of the game at home – and Bryan and I then dozed off too. But I must have had fun, because the first thing I did when I woke up was check the final score.

Ohio State 42, Michigan 39.

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