iZCALLi at Gothic Theatre Denver for La Posada 2022

iZCALLi at Gothic Theatre Denver for La Posada 2022

I try and go see friends and excellent Denver band iZCALLi whenever I can, especially for their traditional La Posada concert – held this year at the Gothic Theatre on South Broadway. The band formed in 2005, and around that time they played a fundraiser to support our kids’ elementary school. To date, I would guess they are among bands I have see I have seen the most times live ever – and they keep getting better all the time.

The band is Miguel Aviña, his sister Brenda, and Luiggy Ramirez – with Denver rockstars Josh Lee and Wes Watkins playing along. As you might guess, iZCALLi is an eclectic mix of styles, but I always say they boil down a great rock outfit. The Aviñas’ roots in Mexico are ever present, but essentially it’s just an inclusive, loud, and raucous show.

iZCALLi will perform next on January 28th at The Savoy with fellow grantee Kayla Marque to celebrate the launch of Sonic Guild Colorado.

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