Jason Mraz at Red Rocks

JasonMrazRedRocks07I liked Jason Mraz right from the beginning. Well, “like” is not quite accurate. I picked up “Waiting For My Rocket,” and it was love at first listen. Every album since has been an instant fave.

His albums are amazing, but his voice is amazing-er. I probably sound overly gushy when I make this claim – but Jason is right at the top of of my list of “people who can sing their ass off.” I had seen him live three times already, but then I was thrilled when his record company asked me to photograph his most recent show at Red Rocks Ampitheatre here in Denver.

It actually ended up being a little more difficult task than usual since Jason was recording the show, in extreme-angle mode – including using overhead cranes – so us normal single-shot snappers were relegated to the far sides of Red Rocks.

It was fine. More than fine. Almost better than normal shooting mode, in that I could photograph and dance and photograph and sing, and well, you get the idea.


This time around, I got the sense that the crew with Jason was more of a cohesive band than ever before – we had that Grooveline Horns section blowing the roof off … and the spectacular Mona Tavakoli.

I wish I had a whole show to photograph just this lovely ball of energy all on her own. Amazing.


This Jason Mraz show was a bit more mellow than other shows I have seen, but it was beautiful. I often say Red Rocks is the best place to see a concert in the whole world (biased) but the acoustics this night prove why. Jason’s voice cut through the dry air, and every note was gorgeous.

JasonMrazRedRocks04 JasonMrazRedRocks14

That is not to imply the show was boring. Jason is a fun guy, and it’s clear he loves to have fun on stage. You can see his sense of humor and and love of life on his blog, on Twitter and especially, through his pics on Instagram.


It’s so fun when artists I adore have plenty of songs to choose from while performing. If you have not heard/bought/put on repeat his new album “Love is a Four Letter Word” – let me recommend some of my favorites: “The Freedom Song,” “The Woman I Love,” “Be Honest,” and “The World As I See It.”


I was able to hear a few of these new faves at the show, plus many of my old ones, including: “Make It Mine,” “Butterfly,” “Song For A Friend,” “A Beautiful Mess” (link to video from show), and “I Won’t Give Up” as the final song of the setlist. Yeah. Awesome.


Point is this: The man never disappoints.

Yup. I will go see, and photograph, Jason Mraz anytime, anywhere.

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  1. Jeremy

    I am a HUGE Jason Mraz fan! This pics are awesome!!!!

  2. Angela Santomero

    Beautiful shots!

    Mraz is an Amazing artist, as well as a big NEIGHBORHOOD fan!

    Bravo Aimee!

  3. quarterrest

    beautifully shot 🙂 And love Jason Mraz – we first got to see him as an opener and, between acts, every single person went to the lobby to buy his album. That awesome.

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