I don’t consider myself a jealous person. But of course it comes naturally to everyone, right? That ugly feeling that creeps out of nowhere when you hear something wonderful for friend, and you can’t help thinking, “why not me?”

I grew up in a pretty affluent area of Maryland, although we are not part of that crowd. In a lot of ways, I was happy about that because it was much less pressure when you didn’t have to have everything all the time. I saw the toll it took on people around me and felt sad when the grass was so much greener that they could not be happy with their situation in life – which was really was quite good, after all.
I always take joy and success of my friends. For the simple fact that happiness is contagious and it is fun to watch others be happy.
But that doesn’t mean I don’t ever get jealous. How could I not? Especially when the world is so connected right now that we learn of every triumph and sorrow almost the minute it happens. And we feel everything from all sides so quickly and intensely.
I don’t like it when jealousy sneaks into my thoughts. For me, it seems like heartburn has settled in the pit of my stomach. It’s such a worthless emotion. It breeds insecurity and self-doubt, then chips away at friendships, if you let it.
I saw a quote on Pinterest ones that I now repeat to myself.
“Whenever you get jealous, just think about all the wonderful things in your life.”
When I flip my thoughts like this, it becomes a peaceful place because I really do have so many wonderful things in my life. My son. My husband. My work. Even my health is turning around!
Then I can get back to the business of celebrating triumphs. My triumphs, my friends triumphs and the wonderful things I see happening in the world.


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  1. karen

    Such a great point. much better to turn your thoughts around than keep thinking about what you dont have.

  2. Sarah

    Arggh! I struggle with this! Great advice.

  3. Jen Wilson

    I definitely fall victim to jealousy. Far too often. And it’s usually about material things! (Though not always.) So lame.

  4. Amanda

    Love this. It’s always important to think about the things that you do have. It can also be helpful to remember that just because you don’t have something, it doesn’t mean that someone else doesn’t deserve to have it. I have to remind myself of that every time I see my best friend’s giant engagement ring 😉

  5. Arvind

    Same experience here I saw frindes to be jealous for the same reason. But that is just one part of the story and there are frindes who never can come into that. Anyway, you shared a real slice of life and that’s good!


    Furrealz? That’s marvelously good to know.

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