June Greeblemix Winners! [Plus! Charity Drive, Woot!]

Yay, we have our three winners for the mix CDs this month! Although I had to eliminate you two cheaters who tried to sneak in after the contest closed. FOR SHAME! 😉

So! Our winners:

#3 – Jennymoose
#27 – Heather K
#20 – Zenrain

I am feeling kind of guilty seeing as one of those winners is my childhood best friend and one is my college roommate! But I swear I didn’t fix the numbers!


Fools by Diane Birch [SEE INFO ON DIANE’S CHARITY DRIVE BELOW]The Bottom Line by Big Audio Dynamite
Dreaming of You by War Tapes
Hey Ya by Obadiah Parker
Rain In The Summertime by The Alarm
Hush Now by Catherine Feeny
Dare by The Mary Onettes
Last Man Standing by People In Planes
Boys With Girlfriends by Meiko
Earn Enough For Us by XTC
It’s Only Wednesday by Crash Kings
That Look You Give That Guy by Eels
Heaven Or Las Vegas by Cocteau Twins
Butterfly Wings by Machines of Loving Grace
Where My Mouth Is by Taking Back Sunday
Ocean Size Love by Leigh Nash
Where to Go from Here by Teddy Thompson
Can’t Say No by The Helio Sequence
Evident Utensil by Chairlift
Cure for Pain by Morphine

Now. If any of you were at SXSW, or were following the SXSW tweets, you may have heard about a phenomenal performer named Diane Birch. She played at the Kirtsy/Alltop party so I got to sit 5 feet away from her and oogle her talent. Let me tell you, THERE WAS MUCH OOGLING.

And her album dropped TODAY on iTunes! Go Diane! So use the widget below and GO BUY IT. Because Diane is not only talented, but she is generous and is donating $1 to charities of our choice with the purchase of her album. My choice is March of Dimes for obvious reasons.

Oh, and P.S. Notice the splish-splashy photo in this month’s CD cover? It was taken at the pool this weekend. SUMMER HAS ARRIVED, PEOPLE! Full photo set of my water urchins is here.

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  1. Sizzle

    Diane Birch is pretty rockin’. Thanks for the lead!

  2. mydailypic

    I love that version of Hey Ya. This is an awesome mix. I shall enter next time.

  3. zenrain

    Yeah!! I won, I won!! If you don’t want to mail it I can get it in a few weeks 😉

  4. zipper

    awesome mix as always – and love how that diane lady is donating to charity. good for her.

  5. Beth Fish

    Ok, so I never enter these because I did it twice and didn’t win and became convinced that I never would win, but seriously, who do I have to blow to get one of these cds?

  6. Anonymous

    love it! – m

  7. JennyMoose

    Whoo Hoo! Yipee!!! How awesome! Thank you!! We must have good Pool Karma. I probably won because the cover looks just like the way we spent most of our childhood- splishin’ and a spalshin’!

    Now my baby is in water babies, just like we were. Oh, the memories! Thank you Aimee!

  8. Heather

    Yay! Glad to be in good company! I don’t think I’ve won anything since a radio station contest circa 2001!

  9. Joe

    argh! I missed it again this month!

  10. Christy

    Congrats to the winners! You’ve given me some new songs to download & reminded me of a couple of older ones I’d forgotten about!

  11. Oz

    Now I totally want to go swimming. Love those pics!

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