June Greeblepix Finalists

You guys. Seriously rock. I loved ALL your photos. Thanks again for sharing your talent with us. But have to go to 10 to go to 1 for the 1 to win the $250 camera rental from Pro Photo Rental. So here are your choices to vote from. All awesome choice. I am hitting “publish” and heading to the airport to speak the Evo Conference (on photography!) so wish me luck!


(I can’t get links to the real photos right now, Mr. Linky is down, BOOO – but will add them asap!)

Bridget Ivy League – Whole World In His Hands

Carolyn Haines – Bubble Beads

Heather J – Untitled

Jerry Deese – Breaking The Surface

June Wess – Butterfly

MPPs Mom – Silhouette

Rosie Fluegel – Drizzle

Sarah – Brownie

Sarah Long – Don’t You Hear It?

Victoria Fatum – Infrared Tibbets


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Remember, voting only happens till tomorrow morning now, so act quick!

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  1. Jerry Deese

    Wow, thanks for the selection. Great to see that a couple of my friends made the cut as well! Good luck all.

  2. Kim Hosey

    Wow. They’re all phenomenal. Inspirational.

  3. Cherri

    Wow what great photo’s. The talent is amazing. Loved all the photo’s. I have not seen a brownie camera in forever. I wonder does it work?

  4. Victoria Fatum

    Thank you for selecting my photo. A lot of great choices this month!

  5. Hybrid

    I vote for Jerry

  6. Jerry Deese

    Sweet, can I get an endorsement deal from Honda? 😉

  7. Mary

    What a great group! Beautiful images!

  8. drewsmom

    He’s got the whole world in His hands. Simply amazing.

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  10. Rosie Fluegel

    Thank you so much for selecting my Drizzle photo. I am completely overwhelmed by the talent here. I was on vacation during the selection, so it was such a nice surprise to find this when I returned.

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