Keggs & Eggs - Channel 93.3 - St. Patrick's Day Denver

KTCL Keggs & Eggs Denver 2019: Jukebox The Ghost, The Mowgli’s and Morgxn

Let’s look back to last month and remember what a fun day St. Patrick’s Day was. Do you remember??? I know it’s probably a little foggy after all that green Coors Light, but KTCL Channel 93.3 put on another Keggs & Eggs for the books. Jukebox The Ghost, The Mowgli’s and Morgxn performed at the crack of dawn for a packed room of sleepy music fans (who woke up really fast). Not even that stupid bomb cyclone could keep people away.

Keggs & Eggs moved to Jackson’s in LoDo this year and in general I liked the location – especially it’s large size – although my only complaint was perhaps how dark it was. I like how Keggs & Eggs is a morning, aka day-drinking, event and having everything nearly pitch black (as evidenced in my photos below) maybe felt like any other concert.

Otherwise, it was another very fun year of everyone pretending they are Irish for the day. Even Denver’s Mayor Hancock made an appearance, but it’s election time, right?

Channel 93.3 next major event is Big Gig, which happens in the summer – details have not been announced yet. Seeing as these guys have a track record of putting together incredible line-ups, I am already looking forward to it.

Keggs & Eggs 2019 Photos

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