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KONGOS with Sir Sly & Colony House at Summit

Guys, bear with me for second here. It’s going to sound like I am ragging on KONGOS, but I really more raising a question. Not that I expect them to answer, so perhaps it’s a bit of rhetorical question, but here goes.

Why do bands have crappy lights while photographers are in the pit?

Seriously. I’m seeing this more and more and am completely baffled. Do bands want to have bad photos taken?

In the case of KONGOS, it was incredibly dark with only strobe lights during the first two songs. As a photographer, that is when you “spray and pray,” meaning you just shoot shoot shoot and hope you get something, anything. We only get three songs, but luckily on the last one, the curtain fell and glorious lights came up behind the band, not to mention electronic screens. I know that bands are doing what they feel is right for them and their fans – but I really don’t understand why the good lights come on later when no one is photographing. Again KONGOS,  love you, you’re talented, entertaining, great show… but I walked away from the pit and looked back, then my jaw dropped as all these beautiful lights were floating down on the front row full of cell phones.

Having had my rant (again, LOVE YA KONGOS) – back to the bands. First opener was Colony House, whose album I love. They were a bit mellow but given all the equipment that was stocked up on the stage I’m not sure I could blame them. It wasn’t like they have much room to move.

Colony House Colony House

Next up was Sir Sly, with slightly more room to move. These guys have been described as a moody electronic band but I felt like I was watching someone from the 80s. This is not a bad thing. I was really impressed and plan to catch them again when they come around Denver.

Sir Sly

KONGOS are all brothers. They are from South Africa but live in Phoenix now and are legendary here in Denver for killing it at last year’s Keggs & Eggs. They are all supremely talented, play multiple instruments each, and are incredibly witty.

Here are all the fun photos I got of them after they dropped the curtain.






Seriously. Great show. Almost makes me wish I had fought my way up to the front (with my cell phone).

But the music was all over the Summit, and everyone was dancing.

That works just fine too.

Note: Concert tickets were provided by KONGOS. All words and photos are mine. © Aimee Giese.

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  1. Amy Evans

    I remember them from Keggs & Eggs. Glad you were able to get some great shots from just one song! And didn’t you say that Dex loves them too?

  2. Booya

    Glad you got these cause they are cool!

  3. Booya

    Loving your site by the way

  4. Swapnali

    Those fires have been terrifying. I hope they magane to get everything under control soon. Those firefights have been amazing!! Take care 🙂

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