Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Scene: Last night, around 11pm

A: Hey! It’s snowing!

B: No it’s not.

A: Yes, it is – It’s snowing! A lot! Did you know it was supposed to snow tonight?

B: It’s not snowing. I was just outside 2 minutes ago with Rio. Not to mention, it was 60 degrees about 3 hours ago.

A: (Rubs eyes and looks out window again) No seriously, it is snowing.

B: No it’s not.

A: (Opens door to let a swirl of snow fly in the door and all over the floor)

B: OK, maybe just a little.

Flash forward to this morning… where we have 3 inches of snow laying on the ground.

B: OK, maybe more than a little.

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