Local boys done good.

Last night Danielle and I went to see Denver locals, The Fray at the Paramount Theater. They were all of about an average of 20 years old between the 5 of them, but they played damn well! (…but wait, my big question is who was their 5th guy, since there are only 4 dudes in the band according their web site).

Anyway, the only song you might know by these guys is “Over My Head (Cable Car)” – but I have no idea how much radio play they have been getting outside of Colorado. It is pretty damn ubiquitous here. They opened the show with “How To Save A Life” – the title song from their album and one of my faves, at that. If you have any affinity for alternapop bands like Coldplay, Jason Mraz, Train, etc – I really suggest you check these guys out.

Our only complaint was maybe a little less interaction with the crowd that we might have liked, but they were definitely amusing, played extremely well, sang extremely well and also glad to be home. Essentially, Danielle and I danced our asses off. They were filming the show with big-gun type cameras, so the place was reverberating with all the noise and excitement. Smart of them to film in their hometown, because the place was just nuts. And playing the Paramount is nothing to sneeze at. Danielle and I had good seats, so I (of course) will be buying the video to see if we make it on screen. Bet you can’t wait for the post with the screen cap of a blurry crowd with 2 little specs circled in the background.

Of course, some the enjoyment could have been the delicious dinner and champagne Danielle and I enjoyed before the show. Either way – three cheers for Girls Night!

If you are interested in seeing the QuickTime video for the single, here it is. The boy in the video is the lead singer’s younger brother. And the high school they flash at the beginning of the video – you guessed it – is the high school that Declan will attend!


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