Love Is My Anchor – Lisa Leonard Jewelry

Note: the anchor necklace was provided by Lisa Leonard but words and photo are mine.

It’s amazing what happens when you put stuff out into the universe. I have been talking about anchor imagery for a while, because my dad was a sailor. A competitive sailor actually, not by trade, but by hobby. If you have read my blog before, you know that, in a lot of ways, my dad was not so great to me. But the one wonderful memory I have of my childhood with my dad is sailing.

He owned an Alberg 30, which is a large, pretty boat for a kid to grow up on. We sailed on the Chesapeake Bay, and under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. When we tacked, it was fun to jump around like monkeys to avoid the boom. My sister and I would climb down the hatch to bounce on beds at the front of the boat – until that one time she fell and split her lip open. And always we watched for sea nettle jellyfish, as they would float mysteriously up-and-down like baby moons in the brackish water.
People ask me if I feel landlocked in Colorado and at first I did. It’s weird when you grow up on the ocean, on the bay, and then move to the state that is all rock. But now honestly it feels strange to think of living anywhere else. I feel safer here. There are no hurricanes, and less crazy storms. Unless you count three feet of snow in the winter and fires in the summer.
But what I do have here, no matter what, is my husband Bryan. He has become my anchor. I look to him for laughter, for comfort, for advice, and for someone to just sit quietly when I simply need to know he is there.
Which is why I was looking for an anchor necklace. I wanted something to represent both sides of my life. And somehow magically, Lisa Leonard – my friend and amazing jeweler saw my comment and just said here. This is for you. And sent me the necklace above.
It’s perfect.
It’s simple and sweet, but still large enough to show how much I love my husband.

Thank you Lisa, for being so thoughtful and talented.

Check out Lisa’s  “Love Is My Anchor Necklace” plus all of her amazing designs, and her amazing family.


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  1. Anonymous

    What a beautiful post – for so many reasons……

  2. Karen

    I love this Aimee.

  3. zipper

    That necklace is gorgeous.

  4. Jane

    What a nice thing. I love when friends just do wonderful things unprompted like that. And gorgeous necklace!

  5. Sarah P

    I love it! Her jewelry is very pretty.

  6. Amy E

    Oh wow. What a sweet story, Aimee. I love it!

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