Major Greeblemonkey redesign in the works!

Aimee: {banging head repeatedly on the keyboard} “Argh!!! Why isn’t this working?!?! I swear, I know just enough CSS to be dangerous. I wonder if they have any of those ‘CSS For Dummies’ books.”

Bryan: “No. What you need is a “CSS For The Impatient” book.”

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  1. Amber

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  2. Amber

    Forget the “For Dummies” books, I would buy the entire Impatience Series if they had it….

    Thanks for leaving me the note about your trip! I had a grand time cruising through your archives and reliving that amazing area. I love your photography style as well. You would have been a great addition to our trip because I just couldn’t do the backcountry justice!

  3. g-man


  4. Anonymous

    I can’t wait to see it!@

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