Making Lemonade

I took Declan to get a much needed haircut today and let’s make no bones about it. The chick at Great Clips ignored what I asked her to do and while I won’t go so far as to say she fucked up – like I said, it’s not what I asked her to do – and some parts of Declan’s hair looks – well – uneven and f-u-n-k-y. But since Bryan continues to ban me from going back to cutting Declan’s hair for the good of my blood pressure, I am living with it and looking for a new (cheap) place to get his haircuts. In the meantime, I played with some hair spray after his bath tonight. And while I think there is something fundamentally wrong with putting product in a 4 year old’s hair, to achieve the below is impossible without it because the boy has pretty much inherited my hair shaft (i.e. flat and lifeless).

What I want to know is where my little nerd-in-training went, and who this little punk rocker who has inhabited his body is. Never mind, he can hang around for a little while. I bet he’s a blast to go to concerts with.

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  1. MPPs Mom

    having raised my own bp by cutting MPPs hair, I’ve resigned myself to going to cartoon cuts…it’s well worth the money. there isn’t one near you, but I just googled and found this and me thinks the one location is close to you….. have you tried them??

  2. greeblemonkey

    All the chicadees go there, so I assumed it was a little girl place? Not so, huh? I will check it out, thanks!

  3. monstergirlee

    fortunately Sullivan like his Dad’s haircut – with a #2 comb. Easy peasy.
    I really like the “Faux-Hawk” tho- Very stylie.

  4. aimee

    joe puts product on Owen’s hair and he already sprays him with cologne and the poor kid isn’t even two……but he has cool hair and he smells good! We are creating a monster.

  5. TxGambit

    L loves to have his hair all spikey and crazy! I don’t do it toooo often because like you and Dex, L has my hair…. flat and lifeless. It takes lots of gel and spray to keep it going.

  6. Sue

    First time visitor (via Mighty Girl) … beautiful blog!

    Here’s our recent haircut story:

    And “What I had for dinner” story:

  7. greeblemonkey

    Welcome Sue – and thanks!!

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