March of the Penguins

When I got home from work last night, I was absolutely fried. It’s quickly becoming apparent that Rob will not be back to work for some time and I have to make some interim plans. He is back in the hospital and they are pretty certain they will have to perform pancreatic surgery. I spent the day ironing out my plans and came home with a headache the size of Rob’s pancreas.

My son must have been feeling my pain (and his new cold) and decided he was going to be as whiney as he possibly could be.

I said fuck it… I am ready for some slow-mo… and put in “March of the Penguins” which neither of us has seen (thus making this Declan’s 3rd movie, if he had actually made it through the whole thing).

This is the movie about the penguins walking across ice to have babies on the South Pole. Declan alternated between being totally bored and being fascinated with every little facet of the penguin mating ritual. We had some interesting little conversations.

My favorite was when he watched a mamma penguin regurgitate some food into a baby penguin’s beak, and he said, “Mommy… when I was a baby, did I drink milk from your bras?” and he pointed to my boobs.

Never one to give him a simple answer… I said, “well, yes… you drank milk from my breasts (not my “bras”). But Mommy’s didn’t work so well. I squeezed the milk into bottles and you drank those.”

He looked at me with this self-satisfied little expression and went, “Hmmmpf.”

We watched about half of the movie and Declan got freaked by the otters eating the little baby penguins, so we turned it off. I was glad, because I was about to cover my eyes too.

All in all, an interesting evening after a shitty day.

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