Material Girl

I need to blame this post on my mother. My mother, who is blase about music in general, and REALLY didn’t care for Madonna and REFUSED to allow me to go see her in 1985, when she was touring with the BEASTIE BOYS no less, so I sat at home, wistfully fingering my jelly bracelets and crying out my sorrows on the phone with my friend Julie. Who was in the exact same predicament.

Cruel, cruel mothers.

But to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under the sun.


I will see Madonna in concert.

Of course, she had to enter into a nasty divorce like 5 seconds ago – like I really want to hear about how bad Guy Ritchie is in bed all night? NO! I want to hear Like A Virgin. I want to hear Holiday. I will even take Hung Up.

Please don’t ruin this for me, Madonna. It’s been 22 years in the making.

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  1. drop dead chris


    I am so jealous, you don’t even know.

  2. Anonymous

    NO WAY!!!! – m

  3. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Fruitlady and Thatgirl, I just cracked up!!!!

    and yes, the tickets were BANK!!!!! WTF!?!?!? And we are in the nosebleeds!

  4. zenrain

    you are going to have the best time!! i hope you’re taking some sort of camera!!

  5. leaca

    She would be so great to see in concert. I do not think she will ruin it for you. Have fun. =)

  6. San

    Oh, I am so excited for you. I never really cared much about Madonna, but maybe you read my last post about my last concert experience… so I can relate!

    You can check it out here

  7. amy

    OMG, am so jealous! I can’t believe you missed Madonna and the Beastie Boys together!!! (Hmmm, I don’t think I’d ever let me teenage daughter go, either… Luckily she’s only 5). Have fun!!!

  8. Kary Rivera

    Have an awesome time Aimee! My mom rocked madonna a lot growing up, I remeber listening to the ‘true blue’ tape over and over. Sure it will be a fun show, can’t wait to hear about it!

  9. fruitlady

    You made it through the wilderness. Somehow you made it through. Now your mama can’t preach because you are like a star. It’s like a prayer was answered. Holiday! Celebrate!

  10. thatgirlblogs

    You dropped some cash, you must be a BIG fan! Have the best time and blog all about it.

    Are you wearing your lace gloves? Your pointy bra? Chaps???

  11. Giyen

    So glad to hear that you made it through the wilderness … somehow you made it through!

    Been following your live tweets from the concert. La isla bonita hoedown? Now I am jealous!

  12. jerseygirl89

    I am so jealous.

    You know what concert my mom kept me from? U2 – The Joshua Tree.

    Have a fantastic time for all of us victims of over-protective mothers.

  13. Jenni Jiggety

    I am greeeeeen with envy! Enjoy the show!

  14. Fairy

    I don’t think she will disappoint you. I’ve read rave reviews about her concert.

  15. J at

    I hope you had FUN at the concert!

  16. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    OK, folks, here is the wrapup! We had a lot of fun! BUT, I am also not sure it was worth all the money, holy hell. She was and hour and half late, which I am told is par for course. But when she came on, it was fun. And if you saw my Twitter, she did a lot of different versions of old songs which were really interesting. Like a hoedown slash Jewish version of La Isla Bonita. She did a lot of lip syncing, which I really wasn’t surprised about, but it was about the dancing and sets and all that, right? I had never been to a big production show like that before, so it was neat to see. She did sing a few songs really well and live, like You Must Love me – which I think was my favorite actually even though I don’t even care for that song very much. And she did an audience participation acapella version of Like A Version which was fun. She did seem disappointed in Denver and their lack of enthusiasm, which I have to tell you is legendary (we are freaking DUDS at concerts – well, except Danielle and myself, of course!)… and she ended the show with NO encore, which I was shocked at. I don’t know if that was a snub at us, or if that is usual for her. Overall, though, we had a great time and I am really glad I went.

  17. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    oops- Like A VIRGIN, ha. Nice typo.

  18. Ashleigh

    I love love love the OLD Madonna.

    papa don’t preach
    like a virgin
    material girl

    I’d sue your mom girl!


  19. carrie

    You must be my lucky star . . .

    Well????? How was it? 🙂

  20. carrie

    Well, duh – maybe I should read your response before I ask how it was! LOL!

  21. EatPlayLove

    I was not disappointed at all! It was fabulous. BUT I secretly really wanted to hear Holiday. I wanted to do my little steps at my seat like her video. They are still in my memory! hubby met AdRock and MCA at DIA last wednesday! I was so jealous!

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